Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Women In Artwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women In Artwork - Essay Example There are also several transformations that have taken place in the artwork field, particularly in the 21st century as many artists have turned to use of technology in designing images and expressing peoples beauty. Apparently, its only a few sculptors that have been left in the field art. Additionally, the demand for sculptures has reduced as people are currently using digital cameras to make images, particularly in 3D images. In this essay paper, an evaluation is discussed on the role of women in art and the various transformations taking place in the field of art. Venus figurine, also known as Venus of Willendorf, for instance, is a statuette that can be traced back in the upper Paleolithic. The statuette, unearthed in Europe, is designed to portray a body of a woman though with some physical features being exaggerated. The sculpture is said to have existed since the gravetian period from 22,000 to 28,000 years back. Materials used for the sculpture included; soft stone such as limestone and steatite, as well as bones or ivory and fired clay. Nefertiti Bust is another renowned artifacts discovered in Egypt during the historical archeological activities by a German archeological team. Nefertiti bust is believed to have been an image of a royal wife of Egypt, in the Pharaoh Akhenaten royal family. Its also believed to be 3,300 years made of limestone and created by a sculptor well known as Thutmose. Cyclades is a renowned island on the southeastern part of Greece with a rich history on artwork, particularly on the discovery of Cyclades Figurines Getty Villa artifacts. In the mid-2000s B.C, a pregnant female figure, with the characteristics of the Spedos and Dokathismata was discovered through archeological activities in the Cyclades Island. Apparently, the artifact is displayed at Getty Villa gallery, it also said to be made of marble and created by Schuster Master In the modern age today, many artist and sculptors have continued to

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