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International Curriculum. What impact does the International Primary Essay

International Curriculum. What impact does the International Primary Curriculum have on the current National Curriculums - Essay Example It can also be defined as the planned, organised and implemented learning that takes place in schools. Each country has its own modules composing of different topics and syllabuses. Currently, there is an ongoing process of developing a national curriculum starting from kindergarten to the age of twelve years, introducing English, mathematics, history and science subjects followed by languages, arts and geography (Beck, 2000,209). The goal of international curriculum is to improve the quality of education and competitiveness across schools in the nation. It has been realised that the national curriculum did not prepare children for the future, thus it is not standard. With the changes in economy and technology, there is need to adopt a healthier curriculum that will help teachers and parents to know what children are supposed to learn and at what age to open their mind, an effort to prepare them to live in the contemporary world. The curriculum covers learning framework, professional development and evaluation of both teachers and students to assess their potential (Rajaonarison, 1995, 12). Literature Review Initially introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, National curriculum became a curriculum for primary and secondary state schools under the education reform Act 1988. The curriculum excludes private schools which have the mandate to design their own curricula. The law dictates teaching all students the basic curriculum of religious education and national curriculum. The primary objective of national curriculum was to make the material taught across school standard in order to promote evaluation of individual schools. Parents were given an opportunity to decide which schools their children should be enrolled. The two fundamental aims of the curriculum were to lay a ground for children’s learning as well as development of their social, moral, religious and cultural background in preparation for opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of life. The school is supposed to prepare students with the necessary literacy and numerical skills, information and communication technology, opportunities for creativity and innovation. The compulsory subjects were science, design and technology. Each topic is seen as contributing to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, citizenship and key skills. It is meant to provide learning opportunities for children with disabilities, special educational needs, and those from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Other extra curricula activities besides the national modules were designed to cater for the need of personal needs such as speech and language therapy, use of ICT, health and safety (Coulby,1996, 27). International curriculum aims at ensuring that the laid down learning objectives, method and content of instruction, teaching versus learning strategies and teaching aids will all contribute to academic excellence. Hence, the purpose is to investigate the social effect on the method of preparation and determine the role played by politics in education. This information will establish a foundation for future action with the goal of improving the curriculum and helping people to realize change in such a multiracial and multicultural society. The international primary curriculum is large creative, encompasses many aspects of education including the method of instruction, teaching and teaching aids all aimed towards international mindedness and individual learning. The design ensures that teachers make learning such a busy, interactive and realistic environment for children. It is a comprehensive system where children apply where they are living with other places in the world. Thus, the aims can be summarised as improving and extending knowledge to promote

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